The story of a reluctant photographer

Hi, I am Christine.

I don't have a formal photography education, neither are my studies in a creative field. That has never stopped me from creating with my eyes, hands and heart but it has stopped me from sharing my creations with the world. Hence, I call myself 'a reluctant photographer'. No more, though, that's why I created this website. Visuals are my candy and my medicine and they can be for you too. The purpose of this page is to share my creations with you and inspire you to create together.

The creative process can be confronting, teaching, soothing and also healing. It is to experience that creative process together with a client or 'the object' that makes a shoot challenging and rewarding for you and me. The images are only the final outcome. In my work, the way I capture, the way I direct and the way I move around my object, I try to feel into the human(s) and portrait their uniqueness in the shape, form and at the speed reflected in the moment. I see my photos as a vehicle for someone's being to come through.

I portrait people, nature and the outdoors

I capture invisible moments of beauty and joy

I tell human stories

I document passion

I frame life

Welcome to my world behind the lens.